What we do

Redwood Brand Curators offer you the bespoke support of seasoned industry champions as Medical Curators and Marketing Curators.

  • Outsourced brand management
  • Flexible medico-marketing department
  • Strategic consultancy and project management

Outsourced Brand Management

We can take on full responsibility for looking after your product including medical and marketing functions as well as ABPI review and approval.

Whether this is an established product that is no longer core to your business or a new product which requires experienced handling but you don’t have resource available we can help.

Redwood Brand Curators could take on the marketing workload or the full medico-marketing commitment for you, whatever your needs are we can develop a bespoke solution.

Flexible Medico-Marketing Department

If you have a team that doesn’t have headcount to deliver everything you’d like to then call on Redwood Brand Curators.

We can come in to help supplement your team at high workload times or we can effectively be your marketing team and help reduce headcount costs.

The key here is that we will have a long term commitment to you so we can become experts with your products and practices.

Strategic Consultancy and Project Management

Redwood Brand Curators can also offer the more traditional consultancy support to help you whenever you need to for short term project work.